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Titanium is a light weight and bio-compatible material often used in manufacturing industries. Titanium is anti-corrosion, anti-erosion and fire resistant. We provide bars, metal sheets, connections and screws.



We have a machine park enabling us to work on Titanium and on other materials such as Hastelloy, Uranus, Inox, Aluminum…

We carry out water jet cutting, machining, bar turning, bending and welding.



We are experts in filtering: we provide you with tailored solutions such as media filter, basket filters, cartridge filer…

Our fields of expertise

Our fields of expertise

Atelier Normafil is specialized in boiler making, manufacturing and bar turning. We already collaborate with a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, Defense, R&D, Industry, Surface Treatment or Energy.


An expert in titanium based in Normandy

Atelier Normafil is an expert in titanium based in Normandy, near Rouen. We already work with professionals in several industries: Aerospace, Defense, R&D, Surface Treatment, Energy, Medical, Food Industry, water and motor sports…

A major player in titanium in France

Our company draws its strength from more than 20 years of experience in Titanium. We are a leading distributor of titanium and tailor-made solution manufacturer in France.

We offer a broad range of finished and semi-finished products, available in stock or upon request.

Our services

As Titanium experts, we process Titanium in all its forms.

  • Trading
    • Long and flat products: sheets, bars, pipes, wires, flat spots
    • Standardized or specific crews: shoulder screws, studs, torx, 6 pans
    • On demand items (hollow draft formed)
  • Design and manufacturing process
    • Industrial boiler making: tubular chassis, mechanically-welded equipment, (QMOS & DMOS )
    • Mechanics: machining, assembly…
    • Turning parts: short, middle and large runs
    • Surface Treatment: anodic oxidation
  • Filters
    • Media filter: bags, cartridges, filtering rolls
    • Canvas: filter presses, filter strips, food filters

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